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8 Things You Should Never Say to a Woman on a First Date


On your first date, you want to impress the woman that you are with. You want to sound open. You want to show that you are insightful and even witty but what if you are actually saying the wrong things? You will never get a second date with the woman that you find so attractive.

You know that she is smart and you find her so attractive. The moment that she walks into the room, you see her immediately. You see other guys and even girls looking at her and you feel proud that she is your date. You may feel a swell of pride right now but will the date last?

One of the mistakes that men do is they repeatedly tell the women they are out on a date with that they are awesome. This is because men may feel a bit scared that if they would not tell women that they are great, they would not know. If you feel this way, stop saying things that will only make women think that you are arrogant. One thing to remember: if you are truly as awesome as you assume that you are, a woman will see that and you do not even have to try.

The Stupid Things You May Say

How many times have you looked back on a date that you have had and you wish that you can take back what you said? This happens not only to men but also women but if you do not want a repeat performance of the failed dates you have had in the past, you need to know the things you should avoid saying.

These are some of the things you should avoid:

1. I saw that you had a fun weekend online.

You may not realize immediately what is wrong with this statement. It seems harmless enough and not all women will be shocked when you say this but for women who are intuitive, this statement will show that you have been stalking her profile all weekend. It will be enough to make some women feel uncomfortable.

If you would like to tell her that you are interested in her life, you have to wait for her to open up about it before you say that you have checked. The effect will be different on the woman that you are with.

2. I have bad blood with my brother.

You do not have to say this line exactly to make a woman feel that you are not worth her time. A lot of things may occur at the first date and a woman may assess if you are a good catch based on the things that you say. If you say negative things about the people that you know on the first date, this can make women feel that you are full of negativity and extra baggage. This is something that you do not want to happen.

When you complain too much about the life that you live, it is guaranteed to make her feel a bit turned-off by you. Speak positively of other people and when you get to know her better, that is the time when you can talk about the things that are bothering you.

3. I am always the last customer to leave this bar.

It can be sweet if you would bring your date to the place that you are most comfortable in. It can be your favorite bar. In the beginning, your date might think that you are taking her there because you find her special but if you tell her that you are the last customer to leave, this signifies that you are a drunkard and you do not care much for your time.

A woman is always looking for a man that she can depend on. She wants the person to be stable and reliable. If you cannot provide that, expect that she would not like to have a second date with you.

4. I’m impressed with how much you can eat.

When you say this, expect that the woman will automatically feel a bit self-conscious about what she has eaten so far. She will also feel that you are scrutinizing her. She would feel bad about herself and she wouldn’t like how you make her feel. Whether you meant something else when you told her this line, you have to realize that it will not let you win points with her. She will be deleting your number from her phone after your date.

5. I think I am not picky enough about the girls I meet.

The fact that you would say this means that you wanted to date her because she is available. Even if you meant that you normally make the wrong choices when it comes to girls, a woman will take this statement the wrong way. She would feel that you are just there because you have no choice and she is not really the best available.

If you want to keep a girl and if you want to go on more dates with the woman that you are interested in, you need to flatter her. You need to make her realize that by dating you, she is doing you a favor and not the other way around.

6. Can you guess how much money I make?

You probably know that a lot of women are searching for security. They want to be with men who will make them feel secure about their future. Some women may still think this way but a lot of women are now more independent. They would love to be with men who are secure but not to the point that men will already become arrogant with how much they make.

When you say this, a woman will think that you are assuming that she only wants your money. Not all women are like that. Women can like you for who you are. Women can like you with the emotional support that you can provide for them.

7. Do you drink enough water? It can improve your skin.

When you say anything that vaguely sounds like a criticism, expect that women are going to take it the wrong way. If you say this, she would assume that you think that her skin is not nice enough. It does not have to be this statement exactly. It can be about how thin or how rowdy her hair is. You can even make a comment about her weight and expect that she is going to hate you forever.

It is okay to tease a woman when you two are close but if you are not close with one another at all, it is best that you would just keep those comments to yourself. The less that you say about her skin even if you think that she could improve it, the better.

8. I find it cool that you are so relaxed about how you look.

You might think that this is a compliment but expect that a woman will take it the wrong way. She would assume that you are criticizing her because she did not pay too much attention to her looks. It is even worse if she spent a lot of time trying to improve her appearance and you did not even make any effort to recognize that.

You cannot tell a woman that she looks relaxed with how she looks. If you want to properly compliment her, then use the right adjectives to tell her so. She will not be disappointed this way.

Say any of these things mentioned above and expect that you will not hear from your date ever again.

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